Red Carpet Improv

"The ONLY Improvisation School Exclusively For Kids!"

Red Carpet Kids -Improv Summer Camp (Now in South Florida)
Join us this Summer for an exciting and hilarious journey with the Award-Winning Comedy Pros from Red Carpet Kids –New York’s Most Sought After Acting School for Kids. 
This camp will introduce students to the basics of Improvisational Theater (Improv). More than a performance activity, Improv is a powerful learning instrument that teaches children to use their imagination, to improve their listening and observations skills, and to have fun in the moment. It is great for all types of kids, from outgoing to shy. Improv 101 covers the essential rules of Improv: making eye contact, interpersonal communication, the importance of saying “YES,” learning to think on your feet, and collaborative creation. Through songs, games, exercises, and scenes, we teach kids to follow their instincts and allow their personalities to shine through!
This summer session will allow students to unlock their creative potential in a safe, fun, and exciting environment. Our Camp is packed with engaging games, comedic exercises, and laugh-out-loud performances that are all aimed at building students' confidence on and off stage, honing their observation skills and guiding them to follow their impulses.

Age Range: 3 Age Groups: 4-7, 8-12, 13-16

Dates: We are offering a 1 Week Session in June:  June 12th - 16th&  1 Week Session in August:  August 7-11th

Cost: Tuition is $300 per child.

(20% discount for signing up for both the June AND August Session)

Camp Hours: 9am-3pm Monday-Thursday and Friday 9am-12pm

Goals: Kids will journey into the world of funny - while creating their own characters, narratives, and scenes.  Campers will learn to think on their feet, build their self-esteem, and develop their own unique creative voice.

Location:  Call for Details!