Red Carpet Improv has established itself as a go-to programming expert for many elite schools in NYC and South Florida. We run many successful after-school programs as well as individual and recurring workshops and camps throughout the city for a variety of ages.

Below you will find descriptions of our current offerings & camps. If you would like more information on any of these packages, or if you would like to discuss custom package options, give us a call at (646) 678-4563.


  • Recommended Ages 3-12
  • Workshops Range from 1-3 hrs

Superhero Workshop

Budding Superheroes can join us for a creativity workshop and learn to create an original super character with unique powers, a super hero costume, and create their own adventure. They will attend Superhero University where they will develop their super powers and collectively create a new a League of Heroes.

Tip-Top under the Big Top

Join us for Circus Fun as we explore the exciting and wonderful world of Circus Arts. Kids will learn to perform their own tricks and create their own act. Our Red Carpet Kids Circus Clown will demonstrate and teach kids some of the wild and wacky ways of the Circus.

Wizard Workshop

We have all the ingredients to create a potion for fun!! Kids will use their imaginations to create their very own spells and potions and record it in their own Spell book. They will design their own magical wizard wands and hats. They will finish up their wizard training by gettng some insider tips and tricks from our Red Carpet Wizard.

Broadway Bound Workshop

Get ready for a peek behind the curtain and experience everything the theater has to offer!! We will play improv games and sketches, make puppets and learn about the art of puppetry, take a movement class, sing songs and then create costumes in our theater crafting class!!

Destnation Imaginaton

Take a journey with us into the most fantastic world of all: your imagination! Kids will spend the day exploring: from the bottom of the ocean to the deck of a pirate ship to the surface of the moon and back! Each student takes charge in this imagination-strengthening workshop that will include interactive storytelling, crafts, and more! Join us as we take a trip through time or explore the depths of the jungle. Anything goes when we let our imaginations do the walking.


  • Recommended Ages 3-12

Interactive Fairy Tale Hour

Welcome to Story-Time in 3D. Experience your favorite fairy tales and kid’s myths with professional actors and actresses. Stories come to life in a fun, interactive journey that will ignite children’s imaginations.

Little Authors Class

Kids can work on their own original tale or bedtime story, guided by a pro. During the course of the class they will be the author of their own short story. The end of the class will culminate in an original book that they've created.

Movie Magic

Kids will get to create their own short film! They will learn about the different elements of filmmaking including special effects, editing and acting.

Sew Creative!

Kids will learn to create their own fashion creations under the supervision of a professional designer. Class will culminate in a fashion show where kids can model their own designs!!


We offer single day or week long creativity camps for children ages 2-12. All of our camps and workshops offer kids engaging and immersive activities that allow children to take creative ownership of their own ideas and interests.

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We can also customize any camp curriculum around a theme or concept.

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